Students of our Amrita Vidyalayam have been taking part in Amritam Club activities enthusiastically over the past several weeks.

1) Pidiyari is collected on a weekly basis and distributed to Cancer Centre and an old age home. Students of classes X and XII visited an old age home in Changankulangara and spent some time with the inmates; they were able to understand the problems and the helplessness of the old. They also handed over 70 kg of rice, 45 kg of green gram, 5 kg of oats, 21 soaps, 3 banana bunches and snacks.

2) Cloth bags were distributed by our students to neighbouring houses.  Some of the neighbours were so enthusiastic that they praised the students for their good work and encouraged them. One of our students, Mishal of Standard IX, expressed her spirit saying, “Of all the years that I have been studying in Amrita Vidyalayam, I feel very proud to be a part of this institution today.”

3) It was with deep empathy that our children consoled the inmates of the Cancer Centre. The experience opened their eyes to life’s realities. Many of our students carried an ache in their hearts for days after the visit.

4) Bird feeding is done regularly with great fervour under the guidance of Mrs. Beena Shivaprasad. Every day, students enthusiastically run to the trees to see if the birds have eaten the grains; they also replenish the bowls with more food.

5) We are indeed proud of our children, and are indebted to their parents for wholeheartedly contributing towards the Chennai Flood Relief Mission with only a day’s notice. We collected oats, sugar, biscuits, tea, milk powder, rusk, and various items of clothing for men, women and children.

6) The ashram students collected funds to build a well in Wayanad and handed it over to Swami Jnanamritananda Puri.

7) Our school bhajan group visited the Krishna Swamy Temple in Chingol near Kayamkulam and presented bhajans.

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