Times are changing, and with it our perspective. Globalisation makes youth sensitive and vulnerable, and discord is seen in every house. Parents don’t understand their children and children cannot accept their parents’ views.

In such a scenario, Amrita Vidyalayam Puthiyakavu initiated ‘Amma Ariyaan’, an awareness campaign for mothers of our students. Presided over by Adv. Anil Kumar K.N. Pillai who is a famous lawyer and psychologist, the session covering the entire morning was a grand success with more than 100 mothers participating. The topic of the session was how to deal with the youth of today and their attitude towards life’s situations and problems, which is inevitable for parents.

A noteworthy as well as praiseworthy fact is that the session was organised by students of Class XI, who even took the initiative of providing tea and ‘therali’ which they had made themselves to the parents.


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