Tactile Activities for Promoting Experiential Science 2019

Two students from Amrita Vidyalayam Puthiyakavu, Shashank R. and Madhumati A. have been selected for the national finals of Raman Young Science Innovator RYSI 2019 (https://www.ramanaward.org/rysi-finalists-2019/). The RYSI award has been instituted by the Raman Research Institute Trust and Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF) to encourage all children of standards III to X studying in CBSE schools to take up STEM as a career. The award aims to establish Science as a fun and interesting activity that can be explored anywhere with locally available materials found around the house and in the neighbourhood.

To encourage more children from Amrita Vidyalayam Puthiyakavu to submit entries for Raman Awards 2019, Ms. Gayathri Manikutty, Assistant Professor, AMMACHI Labs, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham presented two TACtivities (www.tactivity.in) to students in standards IX and VIII. These activities have been designed by ThinkTAC, the company sponsoring RYSI awards. The first activity was a Cartesian diver demonstrating Archimedes’ principle, Pascal’s principle and ideal gas law to help children tangibly understand the concepts of density, buoyancy, and pressure. The second activity explained the concepts of fluid pressure and speed in which the children created a mist spray using straws and foam. The children enjoyed the activities very much and were eager to learn the science behind their toys.